Gasket Set – Remote Change Box

Part number HYL3614


This kit has all the seals & gaskets needed when reconditioning a Mini or Moke remote style gearbox that has rubber universals or inner CV’s.

Remote gearboxes can be identified by an alloy housing that runs from the back of the gearbox to the gearstick.

This kit will NOT suit gearboxes using steel universals eg. Cooper ‘S’ (See other listing)


Contents are:

– 2 diff output seals

– 2 side plate gaskets

– 1 selector shaft seal

– 1 oil strainer pickup pipe o ring

– 1 speedo drive end cover gasket

– 2 oil pipe pickup gaskets

– 2 diff housing gaskets

– 1 speedo drive gasket

– 1 speedo drive cover plate gasket



$ 39.95

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